The following guide compiles a list of useful advanced Git commands that will make our everyday coding life easier.

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1. Merge vs. Rebase

The merging workflow of git allows us to integrate changes from one branch into another. Rebasing serves the same purpose, but it does so in a more streamlined fashion. Rebasing and merging use very different methods to integrate changes from one branch into another.

To understand the difference between them, let’s assume we have a repository with the following branch state.

In any programming language, the same thing can be done in multiple ways. The main task of any developer is to find out an effective and proper approach to implement things.

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Python is famous for allowing us to write code that’s elegant, easy to write, and almost as easy to read like plain English. One of the python’s most distinctive features is the list comprehension, which we can use to create powerful functionality within a single line of code. Actually it provides new and alternative syntax to solve problems. …

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Object-Oriented Programming or better known as OOPs is one of the major pillars of any programming language. One of the biggest benefits of the OOPs is Inheritance and here we can use that concept to implement Custom Blueprint.

Before we understand the Custom Blueprint, let us discuss what is a Blueprint class?

Blueprint Class

In the real world, we have to do migrations numerous times. When we make any migration, a file will be created in migrations folder automatically, which will have two methods by default called “up” and “down”. It consists of logic as per the requirement of a particular migration.

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